SIMPLE Meal Plans

You know the KIS principle? Keep it Simple. That’s what this plan is all about. Sometimes a plan with variety can be overwhelming – especially to one who is new to clean eating. When I began my own journey, variety in foods was the enemy – I needed basic, simple, repetitive. Once I got down the principles of eating healthy, I was able to expand my menu options, and try new things, but in the beginning, I just needed to KIS. If that’s where you’re at, then you’re looking at the right plans. 5 days a week, the meals are identical – the same breakfast, the same snack(s), the same lunch. Dinner is the only variant – changing each day (and if that’s not comfortable, feel free to pick one of the dinners and simply repeat it). 2 days a week, the menu changes (typically, this would be a weekend) and accounts for a “treat meal”. You can follow this plan for a week, a month, or however long it takes you to become comfortable eating clean. The other plans offered (not SIMPLE plans) provide for a lot of variety – when you’re ready to branch out, consider purchasing one of these other plans.

The comprehensive plans include a Getting Started Guide, FAQ, Single-Day Food Prep Guide, Menu Plan, Shopping List, and Recipes. Everything you need, right at your fingertips!

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